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  • corporate responsibility;

  • social responsibility;

  • reduced insurance premiums;

  • enhanced reputation;

Private hospitals and clinics:

  • improved health outcomes;

  • competitive advantage;

  • enhanced reputation;

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Hospital Staff

Health insurers:

  • detecting heart related problems sooner enables early interventions;

  • early interventions reduces cost;

  • improved clinical outcomes for members;

  • possibility of reduced premiums;

  • reduced risk profile of insured base;

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Public health bodies:

  • suitable for mass screening of high risk groups;

  • high impact reduction of public health indicators;

  • improved health outcomes;

  • reduced incidence of myocardial infarction and/or sudden death;

  • political dividend;

Leisure and health related businesses:

  • improved duty of care;

  • reduced risk;

  • improved protection of reputation;

  • incremental revenue;

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Regulated jobs:

  • improved identification of undetected heart conditions;

  • reduced risk;

  • improved public confidence in the regulatory regime;

  • political benefits;